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Ronaldo ‘leaves mum in tears with intimidating call’ after smashing boy’s phone

The mum of a boy who had his phone smashed out of his hand by Cristiano Ronaldo says she was left in floods of tears following an ‘intimidating’ phone call from the footballer – who was ‘the most arrogant man I’ve ever spoken to’.

The Manchester United star is said to have apologised for leaving Jacob Harding, 14, with a bruised hand during the interaction – but then told Sarah Kelly it wasn’t like he had ‘kicked, killed or punched anybody’.

The mother allegedly had to correct him on her name when he kept on calling her ‘Jack’, while he called Jacob, who is autistic, ‘the boy’ whenever he referred to him.

But Sarah says ‘disgusting’ trolls have left her ‘scared to leave the house’ – with many accusing her son of ‘probably robbing the phone anyway’.

She believes Ronaldo has ‘got away with it’ after being ordered to pay £200 by officers, and has now vowed to take legal action.

Speaking to The Mirror, Sarah said she received a call from a man called Sergio claiming to be Ronaldo’s PA the day after the attack.

He offered to let Jacob let meet the player and when his mum declined, he allegedly asked: ‘Do you know who Ronaldo is?’

After hanging up ‘shaking and crying’, Sarah got another call from the same man two days later telling her Ronaldo would like to speak to her.

Recalling her phone call with the footballer, Sarah claims he told her ‘I’m not a bad dad’ before saying he’d had ‘a terrible upbringing’ and had lost his father.

‘I said to him, “Everybody has a sob story Ronaldo, I lost my dad young, I’ve had cancer”,’ Sarah said.

She went on: ‘He never referred to Jacob by his name either, it was always “the boy”. “I know the boy’s got problems”, he said. I told him, “He hasn’t got a problem, he has a disability, you’re the one with the problem”.’

The mum was left ‘raging’ when Ronaldo apparently apologised but then said ‘I haven’t done anything wrong’.

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