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Speaking on his YouTube channel, Rio Ferdinand has been discussing Martin Odegaard’s performances so far this season.

Ferdinand had raised concerns about Odegaard earlier this summer, stating that the Norwegian midfielder’s performances could have been affected by the fact he’s been named the Arsenal captain.

Captaincy can add pressure to certain players and affect their confidence – just look at Harry Maguire at Manchester United as a prime example, but Odegaard has stepped up and proven Ferdinand wrong since getting the armband.

The pundit has been very impressed by Odegaard so far and he’s showered him with praise.

“I said that the armband could weigh too heavy on him. I said it could, there was a chance that it could. Some people, when they get the armband it changes them.

He’s started the season brilliantly. As a player I really like Odegaard, last season he was fantastic,” Ferdinand said.

He was a wonderkid from 15 years old and now he’s starting to show why. You either get the armband weighing heavily on you, or it enables you to grow and become better.

Three games in it looks like it’s making him a bigger player, a bigger personality and a bigger character.”


Odegaard hasn’t really changed much on the pitch since becoming the club captain at Arsenal.

The Norwegian isn’t necessarily a loud, chest-beating skipper a la Roy Keane or Patrick Vieira, he leads by example and that means his standards haven’t dropped.

Odegaard hasn’t tried to be something he’s not. He’s not let the captaincy get to his head and started to bark out orders and boss people around on the pitch,

he’s continued to work hard and set the standards that every other Arsenal player should be following.

The Norwegian isn’t exactly a lionheart, but he’s a great example of what a modern captain should be

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