‘Absolutely mad’: Charles Watts stunned by what Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has done

Charles Watts has shared his thoughts on Arsenal bringing Ethan Nwaneri on in Sunday’s Premier League win over Brentford.

Gunners boss Mikel Arteta brought the 15-year-old off the bench in the latter stages of the 3-0 win in west London.

Nwaneri became the youngest player to ever feature in the English top flight thanks to his cameo appearance.

Watts, speaking on his YouTube channel, was stunned by Arteta’s decision to bring the young midfielder on for the Gunners.

“Ethan Nwaneri… record breaker. Just unbelievable,” Watts said.

“15 years, 181 days old… I mean that is mad, absolutely mad. Just remarkable.

“Youngest player ever to play for Arsenal, youngest player ever to play in the Premier League, youngest player ever to play in the English top-flight.

“So records tumbling all over the place with that little brief substitute appearance on Sunday against Brentford.”

Watts then went on to address comments made by Danny Murphy in which he criticised Mikel Arteta for the decision to play Nwaneri.

“I am not convinced it is the best move for a young player, I am really not,” Murphy said on talkSPORT, as transcribed by Metro.

“I have seen superstars come on the scene at a young age and thrive and go on and carry on, but there has also been a lot who have fallen by the wayside.

“He is obviously a super-talent, doing well in training and impressing everybody.

“But surely they have got other 18, 19 and 20-year-olds who are further ahead in their development who could have gone on the bench.

“I think he is probably trying to keep a young superstar happy.”

“I don’t blame Arsenal for that”

In response, Watts said: “I do feel in a way that Murphy’s got a little bit of a point.

“There was probably something a little bit more to it than just throwing a 15-year-old on (the pitch).

“(Nwaneri) definitely will have clubs looking around him.

“He’s only 15 at the moment obviously so he’s not signed a professional contract.

“He can’t, he’s still a schoolboy and so I would imagine there is something behind this.

“And I don’t blame Arsenal for that, I don’t blame Arteta for that.

“If there are clubs sniffing around then you’ve got the opportunity to play and say ‘look we’re already putting you in the first team… you want to stay?’”

According to Sky Sports, Nwaneri has drawn strong interest from a clutch of top Premier League clubs, including Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea.



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