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‘It’s such a shame’: Charles Watts not happy over what happened with Arsenal star last night

Charles Watts has expressed his frustration over seeing Arsenal star Bukayo Saka line up at left wing-back for England on Friday night.

The Gunners ace played in that position at the start of his career, but has since become a star on the right side of attack.

England boss Gareth Southgate opted to try Saka out at left wing-back for the Nations League meeting with Italy.

However, it didn’t quite go to plan, with the Arsenal ace unable to have much impact on the game.

England struggled overall, losing 1-0 to the Azzurri and suffering relegation to League B.

Saka earned low ratings for his display, though most media outlets recognised he was playing out of position.

“What an absolute waste”

And Watts, speaking on his YouTube channel, wasn’t happy over Southgate’s decision.

“I can kind of understand why the manager is using there,” said the Goal.com Arsenal correspondent.

“But still, what an absolute waste of a brilliant right winger, and you’re playing him at left wing-back.

“You just watched him in that game yesterday and you could tell he did everything neat and tidy, I think he completed every single pass.

“He was good in possession but he was just on the fringes of things.

“And when you’ve got Bukayo Saka playing you don’t want him to be constantly just worrying about what’s going on behind him.

“You just want him to be playing in the attacking third and causing problems and yet you’re stifling him completely playing at left wing-back.

“It was just really frustrating to watch. As an England fan and as an Arsenal fan, you just want to be seeing England get the best out of Bukayo Saka, and they’re just not.

“It’s such a shame and it kind of sums up, symbolizes what’s going on with England and Gareth Southgate at the moment.”


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