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‘Disappointed to hear’: Robbie Fowler baffled by some pundits criticising 24-year-old Arsenal star after win

Robbie Fowler has told the Sunday Mirror (25/9; page 76) that he was disappointed to see Gabriel Magalhaes criticised by some pundits for his reaction to Arsenal beating Brentford before the international break.

The Gunners further cemented themselves as potential title challengers with an emphatic victory against the Bees. Mikel Arteta’s men were scintillating once again. And they remain at the top of the Premier League table.

And the victory provided Arsenal with a chance to poke a little fun at one Brentford player. Of course, Ivan Toney mocked the Gunners on Twitter after their opening day win in the same fixture last season.

Gabriel posted virtually the same tweet after Sunday. Toney himself, noted that he had every right to make such a comment after their performance against Thomas Frank’s side.

Obviously, Arsenal fans would have loved what Gabriel posted. But it seems that Fowler picked up on the centre-back getting criticism for the tweet. And he suggested that it really irritated him.

“It was a nice riposte. Gentle. Not disrespectful. A reminder that footballers do care and don’t forget even the smallest of slights,” he told the Sunday Mirror.

“And also that they do have a sense of humour. So I was a bit disappointed to hear some pundits suggest that Gabriel was setting himself up for a fall of his own and should have known better.

“How often do we hear these same people suggest that modern players are boring, that they’re too precious about themselves and out of touch with the man or woman in the street?”

Fowler disappointed to see Gabriel criticised

Gabriel would have known that such a tweet will come back to haunt him in the future. At some stage, Arsenal will suffer a defeat that prompts rivals to mock him in a similar way.

As Fowler suggests, it would be boring if players took little joy in their victories. Certainly, the fans want to see that the wins mean as much to the squad as it does to them.

And it is probably just as satisfying when Gabriel is saying the thing that many probably said to Toney themselves.

He has not crossed the line. Perhaps you could criticise him for making the same comment that was made after last season’s win in the reverse fixture.

But suggesting that Gabriel crossed any sort of line makes absolutely no sense.

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