Top 10 Best Motorcycle Insurance For Learners In Australia


The best motorcycle insurance for learners in Australia requires more than simply adhering to state registration requirements, however for you this post is the greatest. The best motorbike insurance for beginners in Australia combines affordable premiums, dependable customer service, and a broad selection of practical coverage options.

Our choice of the best motorbike insurance for learners in Australia in many categories made it easy to find the one that best meets your needs.

Riders on motorcycles like the excitement of using unpaved roads. Although it is fun to ride a motorbike, there are dangers. Motorcycles have unique dangers, and mishaps can have disastrous results. For this reason, it’s essential to have sufficient coverage under a motorcycle insurance policy to protect against losses brought on by bodily harm, property damage, and other losses.

You need a company that is aware of the specific risks related to motorcycle accidents. As a service, we have selected some of the best motorcycle insurance packages currently offered on the market.

Here are some motorcycle insurance offers that we are bringing to you in association with Media Alpha. Below is more information on our top picks for the best motorcycle insurance for learners in Australia.

Best Motorcycle Insurance For Learners

List Of The Top 10 Best Motorcycle Insurance For Learners In Australia

#1. Dairyland Insurance

Due to its expertise in providing residents of 49 states with non-standard motorcycle insurance, Dairyland Insurance is our choice for the finest motorcycle insurance for high-risk drivers. Mopeds, scooters, Harley-Davidson, Indian, Suzuki, Yamaha, and many more motorbike models and brands are covered by motorcycle insurance.

#2. Naationawide Insurance

The vanishing deductible option from Nationwide Insurance, which lowers your policy deductible by $100 (up to $500) for each policy year you are claims-free, is one of the company’s special policy features available to motorcycle drivers with a clean driving record.

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#3. Farmers Insurance

For those who want to bundle, Farmers Insurance is the best option for motorbike insurance. By purchasing your life, motorcycle, vehicle, and home insurance policies from the same provider, you can save money.

4. USSA Insurance

Insuring motorcycles for service members is best done through USAA. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that USAA also placed high on our list of the best companies for senior car insurance and consistently tops the list in categories involving military personnel or their families.

#5. Safeco Insurance

Because it offers discounts for being claims-free for a year, finishing a motorcycle safety course, bundling with other Safeco products, and being claims-free for a year, Safeco is our top choice for the most affordable coverage.

#6. Allstate Insurance

Young drivers will love the special features that Allstate’s motorcycle insurance offers. With Allstate’s First-Accident Waiver, your insurance premium won’t go up if you have your first motorcycle accident, and the Allstate Rider Protection Project is a safety education project that offers resources to motorcycle drivers.

#7. Markel Insurance

Due to its market specialization, Markel Insurance is at the top of our list of the best motorcycle insurance. Most motorcycle types are covered under the insurer’s insurance, which includes cruisers, touring motorcycles, sport bikes, sport-touring bikes, big twins, street bikes, scooters/mopeds, dirt bikes, trikes, and other special motorbikes. On your motorcycle policy, Markel offers a variety of reductions that together can save you up to 35%.

#8. Geico Insurance

Young motorcyclists should choose Geico as their insurance provider since it routinely provides some of the most economical motorcycle insurance coverage, as well as a variety of discounts that can further reduce premiums. For instance, 10% off is offered to teenage riders who pass the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or Military Safety Course.

#9. Progressive Insurance

Progressive is a fantastic option for custom motorcycles due to its substantial savings and coverage add-ons, many of which are provided at no additional cost. All of Progressive’s motorcycle insurance policies offer full replacement cost coverage, ensuring that your motorcycle is returned to its pre-accident condition without any deductions for depreciation.

#10. Nationwide Insurance

With a disappearing deductible, Nationwide enables riders to keep their costs low. Nationwide provides the greatest low-cost coverage, and policyholders also enjoy highly regarded customer service.

Are Bikes Covered By Insurance?

Your bike is protected by a cycle insurance policy from theft, loss, or damage as well as from any unlucky accidents that might happen while cycling.

Does Personal Breakdown Cover Motorcycles?

As a rider or passenger on any qualifying motorcycle above 125cc, you are protected under personal cover. You will, for instance, be protected while riding your own motorcycle and while pillion on another. You’ll also have coverage if you drive a car, a van, or any other eligible vehicle.


Motorcycle insurance can be purchased for either the agreed-upon or market value. Remember to add all of your extras and customizations.