Top 10 Best Motorcycle Insurance In Australia


Having the best motorcycle insurance in Australia takes more than following state registration regulations. The best motorcycle insurance in Australia combines competitive rates, trustworthy customer support, and a wide range of useful coverage options.

Finding the one that best suits your needs was made simple by our selection of the best motorcycle insurance in Australia across many categories.

Motorcyclists adore the rush of traveling on unpaved roads. Although riding a motorcycle is enjoyable, there are risks involved. Motorcycles have special risks, and accidents can have devastating consequences. This is why it’s critical to have adequate coverage through a motorbike insurance policy against losses brought on by physical injuries, property damage, and more.

You need a business familiar with the dangers associated with motorbike accidents. Some of the top motorbike insurance plans now available on the market have been compiled by us as a service.

Here are some motorbike insurance deals we’ve partnered with Media Alpha to bring you. More information about our top recommendations for best motorcycle insurance in Australia is provided below.

Best Motorcycle Insurance In Australia

List Of Motorcycles That Have The Cheapest Insurance

  • QBE Motorcycle Insurance

We are aware that your helmet and riding gear are expensive. If a motorcycle accident causes damage to your clothing, we will pay for it.

  • Allstate insurance

The biggest discount for combining motorcycle and auto insurance policies is offered by Allstate: 10% off your car insurance.

Additionally, Allstate is renowned for its excellent customer service.

  • Geico motorcycle insurance

Geico consistently offers motorcycle insurance at affordable rates for riders aged 18 to 21, despite the fact that first-time riders typically pay higher premiums.

  • Progressive insurance

Progressive offers the most affordable full-coverage motorcycle insurance. Policies from Progressive usually cost $625 a year, have a number of features, and can be tailored.

  • Nationwide insurance

With all the companies we looked into, Nationwide offers the cheapest motorcycle insurance. Even more comprehensive nationwide motorcycle insurance policy. You may be eligible for a multi-vehicle discount if you insure more than one motorcycle, bundle your motorcycle coverage with a home or auto insurance policy, or both.

10 Best Motorcycle Insurance In Australia

#1. Budget Direct motorcycle insurance

Three types of motorbike insurance are available from Budget Direct: In addition to liability for accidental damage your motorcycle may cause to other people’s property, comprehensive motorcycle insurance covers loss or damage to your motorcycle resulting from an accident, bad weather, fire, vandalism, and theft (e.g. their vehicle or home).

#2. Swann insurance

One of Australia’s top motorbike insurance providers, Swann Insurance offers customers comprehensive, third-party, and dirt bike coverage directly. It belongs to the group of insurance companies known as the Insurance Australia Group (IAG), which is the biggest general insurer in Australia and New Zealand.

#3. Shannons Bike insurance

You have the choice of using a repairer or having Shannons do the repair work for you. It all comes down to having peace of mind in case you need to file a claim.

#4. QBE Motorcycle Insurance

We will replace your motorcycle with a brand-new one of the same make, model, or series if one is available if it is a total loss, was originally registered less than two years prior to the occurrence, and you purchased it new or as a demonstrator model.

#5. AAMI Motorcycle insurance

It provides legal liability coverage for harm you cause to other people’s property and vehicles, as well as protection for your motorcycle against loss or damage brought on by collision, fire, theft, storm, and other events, property damage coverage for third parties, theft, and fire.

#6.  Suncorp motorcycle insurance

With three levels of coverage, Suncorp Motorcycle Insurance has the ideal policy for you and your motorcycle. They are Comprehensive Cover, Fire, Theft, and Third Party Property Damage, and Third Party Property Damage. All of them are underwritten by AAI Limited, one of the biggest general insurers in Australia.

#7. Youi motorcycle insurance

Both unintentional and deliberate damage to your motorcycle is covered by Youi Comprehensive motorcycle insurance. Theft, attempted theft, earthquake damage, storm, flood, and fire damage are covered.

#8.  CGU motorcycle insurance

Leading commercial, rural, and personal lines insurer CGU also ranks in the top three companies that offer workers’ compensation insurance. We distribute our wide selection of industry-leading products through more than 1,000 brokers, agents, and carefully chosen financial institutions and affinity partners.

#9. Eric insurance

As an insurer, Eric Insurance Limited is in business. The company gives a variety of insurance products, including those for automobiles, consumer credit, loan termination, and warranties.

#10. Geico motorcycle insurance

A motorbike insurance plan that suits your needs is available from GEICO. The majority of motorcycle categories, including sport bikes, cruisers, touring bikes, Enduros, scooters, dirt bikes, trikes, and even custom bikes, are covered by our insurance policies.


When renting a motorcycle, you can get a short-term insurance policy for a day, a week, or a month. A specialty rental insurer, your auto insurance provider, and the motorcycle rental firm should all provide quotes for you. The simplest option could be to buy a policy directly from the bike rental company, but your current insurer or a specialized supplier might offer more comprehensive coverage and lower rates.