How to Bypass Uber Eats Insurance


If you work as an Uber Eats delivery driver, you understand how important insurance is. However, insurance can be quite pricey, and some drivers may presume it is not worth the investment. In this article, we will look at how to bypass Uber Eats insurance and provide you with some alternatives.

Bypass Uber Eats Insurance

What Is Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is the company’s take on food delivery. It includes a diverse range of businesses in thousands of cities. Uber Eats is a food ordering and delivery platform that Uber launched in 2014. Couriers deliver meals in cars, scooters, bikes, or on foot. As of 2021, it is operational in over 6,000 cities across 45 countries.

 The Requirements for an Uber Eats Driver?

The general requirement for an Uber Eats driver is straightforward, though they may vary by city.

  • Drivers must be at least 19 years old,
  • have a valid driver’s license
  • have personal or commercial auto insurance.
  • The Uber Eats insurance requirements do not specify the type of car insurance you must have.

Does Uber Eats Provide Insurance?

It certainly does. The company does offer some Uber Eats insurance coverage to its delivery drivers.

Uber Eats provides $1 million in coverage for bodily injury per person, bodily injury per accident, and property damage per accident when you drive to pick up or deliver an order.

If your personal insurance policy includes comprehensive and collision coverage, Uber Eats driver insurance covers you up to the actual cash value of your car, with a $2,500 deductible.

Uber Eats offers the following coverage while you’re on the app but waiting to accept a delivery request:

  • $50,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $100,000 for bodily injury per accident
  • and $25,000 for property damage per accident.

While the driver insurance for Uber Eats offers liability protection, it does not cover your medical expenses in the event that you are hurt. In contrast to Buckle insurance, which covers you whether you’re driving for personal or delivery purposes, Uber Eats vehicle insurance offers no coverage when you’re outside of the app.

Why do I Need Insurance coverage?

It’s important to understand that the company’s insurance plan does not protect you as an independent contractor employed by Uber Eats.

This implies that you might be held accountable for any damages or injuries sustained due to an accident while you are delivering. The good news is that you may be able to reduce your exposure to these risks by purchasing certain insurance policies created especially for Uber Eats drivers.

Understanding the Uber Eats Insurance Requirements

Before we get into bypassing Uber Eats insurance, let’s review the requirements. Uber Eats requires drivers to have personal auto insurance that meets state minimums. Furthermore, Uber Eats offers liability insurance that covers up to $1,000,000 in damage done for third-party injuries and property damage while on the job.

What are the Risks of Bypassing Uber Eats Insurance

While bypassing Uber Eats insurance may seem like a cost-effective option, weighing the risks involved is important. In an accident, you might be liable for the damages if you don’t have adequate insurance coverage. This might lead to exorbitant medical expenses, vehicle repairs, or even legal costs.

How to bypass uber eats insurance

There are other options to consider if Uber Eats insurance is too expensive:

  1. Some individual auto insurance plans might provide extra protection for delivery driving. It’s important to ask your insurance company about your options so you can make an informed decision.
  2. Another choice is to take into account on-demand insurance protection, which provides adaptable coverage options that can be customized to meet your unique needs. Bypassing Uber Eats insurance, businesses like Zego, Slice, and Vouch offer insurance designed specifically for gig economy workers.


Uber Eats drivers need insurance to be adequately protected from potential risks associated with performing deliveries for the company. Fortunately, different kinds of insurance are available that are made specifically for people in the gig economy like you and can offer additional protection against losses or injuries sustained while working.

To find the best choice for your needs and budget, it’s important to research various insurers and compare policies. By doing this, you’ll make sure you have enough security in case something unfortunate happens while you’re making deliveries for Uber Eats.