Top 5 Cheap Flights From Abuja To Lagos


This article will discuss the top 5 cheap flights from Abuja to Lagos. There are different flights that one can utilize for travels from Abuja to Lagos which are quite reliable and comes at an affordable rate.

Cheap Flights From Abuja To Lagos

How Much Does Flight Cost From Abuja To Lagos?

The average price for an individual to travel from Abuja to Lagos is N40,519. Also, for round trips, one would have to estimate up to N72,290 for travels between Abuja and Lagos. One can get information on the available flight by researching them.

Which Flight Goes From Abuja To Lagos?

Nigeria has different flights which convey individuals in and out of the country. Some of the flights that go from Abuja to Lagos include Air Peace, Arik Air, and Dana Air which offer direct flights.

How Much Is Nigeria To Dubai By Flight?

The flight ticket price in Nigeria is subject to changes as one must check constantly. The average price for travel from Lagos to Dubai is N197,860. While direct flights would cost up to N650,503.

Does Air Peace Fly To Nigeria?

Yes, Air Peace flies to Abuja. It is among the list of airlines which makes it easier to move to diverse destination in Nigeria. Air Peace is a fully committed airline that considers the needs of clients and offers the best traveling experience.

Which Airlines Fly From Abuja?

There are many airlines readily available for travel from Abuja. Some of the airlines include Air Peace, Aero Contractors, Ibom Air, Green Africa Airways, Max Air, Arik Air, Dana Air, and Qatar Airways amongst others.

Which App Gives Cheapest Flights Tickets?

There are diverse applications that one can use to obtain flight tickets to different destinations. One of the applications which are known to offer cheap flight tickets to users includes Ixigo which can be used to search through several routes.

Which Is The Fastest Means of Travel From Lagos To Abuja?

There are several means of transportation that an individual can consider and utilize for travel purposes. Currently, the fastest means of travel from Lagos to Abuja is by plane. It can cut down on the duration spent compared to bus or train.

Does Delta Airlines Fly From Abuja?

Yes, Delta Airways considerably offers scheduled flights from Abuja to different places around the world. Their services are usually closed during major holiday periods and Sundays. One would have to note this before booking a flight with them.

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Top 5 Cheap Flights From Abuja To Lagos

There are numerous flights whose tickets price are quite affordable which an individual can suitably consider. Below is the list of the top 5 cheap flights from Abuja to Lagos.

#1. Air Peace

Air Peace is one of the popularly known private Nigerian airlines which has remained active for a long time. It offers services to over 20+ destinations and suitably provides cheap flights from Abuja to Lagos.

An Air Peace flight from Abuja to Lagos cost about N25,000 for one way trip. The only method of booking travel with this airline is through its website.

#2. Dana Air

Dana Air is Known as an excellent and quality service provider is Dana Air which tops the list of cheap flights for travel in Nigeria. Their services are among the best which one can benefit from by contacting and arranging for a flight.

The cost for travel from Abuja to Lagos using Dana Air cost between N50,000 to N100,000. An individual can book travel through the Dana Air app or by visiting their online website.

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#3. Arik Air

Arik Air is another privately owned commercial airline that operates on a domestic and international level. For travelers considering using cheaper airlines, it’s one of the best options available now.

One would have to pay between N40,000 to N50,000 to travel from Abuja to Lagos through Arik Air. The method of booking flights includes their official website and their app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

#4. Medview Airlines

Medview Airlines is a Nigerian airline that flies to several destinations within the country that includes Abuja, Enugu, Lagos, and various foreign destinations such as London. They are well among the cheap flight option which one can consider.

An individual would have to pay at least N50,000 to use this airline for travel between Abuja and Lagos. The only method of booking for travel is through the airline’s official website.

#5. Wataniya Airways

Wataniya Airways is a Kuwait flag bearer that operates as a private airline that provides comfortable travel services. It has been active for almost 10 years and travels to over 17+ destinations which include Nigeria.

The average cost for travel from Abuja to Lagos through Wataniya Airways is N40,000. The best method of booking travel is through their website which is open 24/7.


There are many cheap flights that one can consider for Abuja to Lagos. One can consider either of the above-discussed airlines as they are among the most affordable. We hope this article provides enough information on the top 5 cheap flights from Abuja to Lagos. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinion.