Top 5 Cheap Flights From Abuja To London


This article will discuss the top 5 cheap flights from Abuja to London. There are diverse cheap flights that an individual can consider for quick travel from Abuja to London. One would need to contact the specific airline and obtain travel information.

Cheap Flights From Abuja To London

How Much Is a Ticket From Abuja To London?

The average price for a ticket from Abuja to London is N379,896. One would need to contact the preferred airline of their choice to get exact prices for travel to different destinations globally.

What Airlines Are Offering Cheap Flights?

There are many cheap flights that an individual can consider fit for travel purposes. Some of the airlines offering cheap flights include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and Frontier Airlines.

Which Is The Best Time To Book A Flight?

It’s best to book a flight before the exact date on which you intend to travel. The best time to book a flight would be 4 months and 3 weeks before your departure date. This would enable you to save more on your travels compared to booking at a closer date.

What Are The 2 Cheapest Days To Fly?

Before one can travel, it’s important to consider the best day. Currently, the cheapest day to fly includes Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. For international travel, it’s best to consider Wednesdays and Thursdays.

What Are The Top International Budget Airlines?

Many airlines offer travel at an affordable price to clients. Some of the top international budget airlines include Easy Jet, Euro Wings, Ryanair, Jetstar Airways, and Air Asia X amongst others.

Does Virgin Fly From Abuja?

Yes, Virgin flies from Abuja. The airline company enables one to travel from one location to another with its hub in different locations including Lagos and Abuja.

Do Emirates Fly From Abuja?

Yes, Emirates flies from Abuja. The well-decorated and recognized airline has its hub in Abuja such that one can easily travel from there to different locations.

Which Airline Is Best To Travel To The UK?

There are numerous airlines that one can consider to travel to diverse locations around the world. The best airline to consider and use for travel to the UK is British Airways which is among the best for travel purposes.

Are Early Flights Cheaper?

Yes, early flights are cheaper. One would benefit a lot from considering morning flights to their respective destinations as it’s very ideal.

One can travel to different places considering the number of cheap flights available from Abuja to London. Below are the top 5 cheap flights from Abuja to London.

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#1 Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Belgium that offers traveling services to different destinations around the world. In addition to its numerous services, it’s quite affordable to use for Abuja to London travel. The average cost for travel from Abuja to London using Brussels Airlines is N300,000. The only method of booking flights is by visiting the airline’s official website.

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#2 British Airways

British Airways is a top and well-recognized airline that operates with its headquarters in London, England. It’s among the more affordable airline for flights from Abuja to London.
The cost of travel from Abuja to London through British Airways is about N312,000. An individual book flights through their official website which is always active.

#3 Turkish Airlines

With more than 120 countries as its chosen destinations, Turkish Airlines is one of the best to consider for international travel. It operates and offers its service in diverse places around the world with numerous travel-related services offered.

The average cost for Abuja to London trips through Turkish Airlines starts at N302,000. One can book for flight through the Turkish Airlines mobile app or rather visit their official website.

#4 Lufthansa

One can conveniently book cheap travel with Lufthansa to different destinations with huge comfort and safety. This airline which is a German flag bearer is one of the best choices for travelers.
The average cost of traveling from Abuja to London through Lufthansa is around N277,000. One can book for flight through Lufthansa’s official website.

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#5 Egypt Air

Egypt Air is the flag carrier of Egypt with its headquarters at Cairo International Airport; it considerably offers low-cost travel services to a list of clients. Abuja to London travel is made possible and at an affordable rate through this airline.
The average price for travel from Abuja to London through Egypt Air is N300,000. The only available means of booking a flight is through their official website or you can conduct offline payment by visiting their nearest office.


An individual can consider traveling from Abuja to London through various cheap flights which are numerous. One can consider either of the above-mentioned flights as they are among the cheapest. We hope this article provides enough information on the top 5 cheap flights from Abuja to London. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinions.