15+ Diabetes Scholarships in the United States to Apply for in 2023


Diabetes is a kind of disease that occurs when a person’s blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high. Blood glucose is an individual’s primary energy source and comes from the food they eat.

Insulin (a hormone made by the pancreas) helps glucose from food get into a person’s cells to be used for energy. Glucose then stays in the blood and doesn’t reach the cells. Sometimes the body doesn’t make enough insulin or any insulin or doesn’t use insulin well.

Over time, having too much glucose in a person’s blood can cause health problems/issues. Although diabetes has no cure, people can take steps to manage their diabetes and stay healthy. Sometimes individuals call diabetes “borderline diabetes” or “a touch of sugar.” These terms suggest that someone has a less severe case of diabetes or doesn’t really have diabetes, but every case of diabetes is serious.

A diabetic student can have a hard first year at university, trade school, or college after being accepted.

Doing extracurricular activities, moving into a new place, joining different organizations or clubs, and remembering the medical items and proper medication needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be draining.

Along with having to worry about the cost of the tuition fee of the university or college and paying for academically needed supplies, diabetic students with Type 1 or juvenile diabetes also need to worry about the cost of the medical items needed to control their diabetes. The American Diabetes Association offers help too.

This article lists 20 of the best diabetes scholarships for high school seniors and college students with diabetes who are considering enrolling in the following semester.

Diabetes Scholarships in the United States

What Are Diabetic Scholarships?

Diabetics scholarships are financial awards commonly given out to people who not only have diabetes but wish to be diabetes scholars and are seeking higher education.

These opportunities are offered to undergraduates, graduates, and high school seniors, who are successful with their diabetes management. They can also show proof of being involved with the diabetic community.

What Qualifies an Individual for a Diabetic Scholarship?

If an individual/applicant has diabetes, they can qualify for this opportunity. The applicant’s doctor may need an official document or a letter r to ensure the person has Type 1 diabetes or is juvenile. Recipients can be of all ages and in any particular area of study, including athletics, and they are eligible for different scholarships.

Types of Scholarships for Diabetics

There are many opportunities, including proof of diabetic assessment, GPA requirement, and action. However, most options require an endorsement from a CDE or physician that shows the applicant’s diabetes and that they can successfully manage it effectively.

Any senior (high school) trying to get a diabetic scholarship need a high GPA. The exact requirement goes for any incoming freshmen. For high school seniors, several financial awards require evidence from a current CDE or physician that the high school student is handling their diabetes well and they are managing it with medication.

How to Find Scholarships for Diabetics

College graduates and high school seniors can look for financial opportunities (diabetes) by going through different college sites and scrolling through the type of opportunities available. High school seniors can check with their guidance office for different options, and graduates and undergraduates can check with their academic advisors for options.

15+ diabetes scholarships in the United States 

To help high school seniors and college students achieve a higher degree through experiences with the diabetes community and diabetes, there are different scholarships for college attendees and high school seniors with Type 1 diabetes who can successfully manage their health disabilities.

  1. Novo Nordisk Donnelly Award
  2. Juvenile Diabetes Scholarship
  3. Thomas J. Seefred Trust Scholarship
  4. DDC College Scholarship
  5. Team Type 1 Global Ambassador Scholarship Program
  6. $25,000 No Essay Scholarship
  7. Niche $2,000 “No Essay” College Scholarship
  8. $10,000 CollegeXpress Scholarship
  9. Diabetes Scholars
  10. “Outstanding Undergraduate” Essay Scholarship
  11. “Follow Your Own Path” Essay Scholarship
  12. Verplank Foundation Scholarship
  13. Scholarship for Survivors Program
  14. AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability
  15. Peter T. Buecher Memorial Scholarship
  16. $10,000 “No Essay” Scholarship


More than 1 in 10 Americans have diabetes– that’s close to 34.2 million people. Diabetes causes extra challenges in this student’s education, as they (the student) must balance them with the task of managing their illness (diabetes).

Luckily, there are diabetes scholarships out there for students with diabetes to reduce the financial burden of a university/college education, and these scholarships have been listed above.