How to get PTDF Scholarship 2023/24, Requirements & Application Form

Petroleum Technology Development Fund Scholarship Application form for 2023/2024. PTDF Scholarship Award is one of the entirely and Fully funded scholarship Programs in Nigeria 2023. It interests PTDF Company to publicize that the 2023 Petroleum Technology Development Fund Application portal is now open for application.

The PTDF, the Federal Government agency with the directive of developing indigenous human capacity and petroleum technology to meet the requirements of the oil and gas company, invites applications from befittingly eligibly candidates for the Abroad or Oversee MSc and Ph.D.

scholarships to particular programs at designated institutions under its Petroleum Technology Development Fund Scholarship Overseas Scholarship Scheme for the year 2023/2024 academic session.

The scheme was designed to provide applicants or candidates the chance to benefit from a differentiated pool of knowledge and the facilities provided by world-class institutions worldwide. The award comprises the provision of flight tickets, payment of tuition and bench fees, payment of health insurance (where appropriate), and the provision of payments or allowances to meet the charges of accommodation and living costs. Candidates are requested to apply via PTDF to particular programs at partner institutions.

How to get PTDF Scholarship

How to get PTDF Scholarship 2023/24, Requirements & Application Form

Concerned applicants must please note the following:

For the 2023/2024 award, PTDF applications will be restricted to PTDF partner universities in France, UK, Germany, and Malaysia, where it seems the scholarship’s high values can be upheld or sustained, and the purposes of the scheme will be best served.

The complete list of sponsored courses and Application portals is made available on the scholarship portal:

Eligibility and qualification requirements for the PTDF scholarship

  1. National Youth Service (NYSC) is a compulsory requirement.
  2. It is required that you be computer literate.
  3. The National Identity Number (NIN) is needed.
  4. you must have a minor grade of (2.1) in your Second Class 5. Upper or a minor grade of (2.2) in your Second Class Lower.
  5. You should have 5 O/level credits, including Mathematics and English.

Documents necessary for the PTDF scholarship

  1. The certificate of your first degree.
  2. Your passport.
  3. A Master’s Degree Certificate is necessary for all Ph.D. candidates.
  4. NYSC Certificate.
  5. Purpose statement.

Coverage & Benefits of the PTDF scholarship

  1. Your flight ticket is taken care of by the PTDF scholar program.
  2. The program covers your health insurance.
  3. The program covers your tuition and bench fees.
  4. The program covers accommodation and living costs.

How to apply for the PTDF scholarship 2023

Petroleum Technology Development Fund Scholarship applications are submitted online via the PTDF website.

Complete your personal information and details on the official PTDF website and create an account.

Complete the application form and submit all the necessary documents.

List of approved PTDF scholarship courses

  1. Electrical Engineering
  2. Computer Science & Software Engineering
  3. Environmental Science
  4. Marine Geosciences
  5. Applied Information
  6. Advanced Chemical Science
  7. Fluids and Thermal Engineering
  8. Natural Resources and Environment
  9. Energy Science and Technology
  10. Geophysics
  11. Applied & Environmental Geosciences
  12. Data Analytics
  13. Composites
  14. Civil Engineering
  15. Geospatial and Geohazards
  16. Artificial Intelligence and Optimization
  17. Geospatial Engineering with Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  18. Advanced Energy and Environmental Material & Technology
  19. Process Engineering and Energy Technology
  20. Geospatial Technology
  21. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  22. Biological Science
  23. Operation and Supply Chain Management
  24. Power Engineering
  25. Operation & Supply Chain Management
  26. Sustainability and Innovation for Integrated Built Environment


  1. Process, Energy, and Environmental System Engineering
  2. Experimental Geosciences
  3. Materials Science and Engineering
  4. Environmental Science
  5. Sensor Network, Instrumentation,
  6. Advanced and Intelligent
  7. Manufacturing
  8. Power Electronics, Machines and Control

List of PTDF-approved universities

  1. University of Glasgow
  2. University of Picardie
  3. Pantheon-Sorbonne University
  4. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  5. University College London
  6. Newcastle University
  7. Claude Bernard University Lyon 1
  8. University of Dundee
  9. University of Liverpool
  10. Ruhr University Bochum
  11. University of Oldenburg
  12. Imperial College London
  13. University of Southampton
  14. Freie Universitàt Berlin
  15. University of Aberdeen
  16. King’s College London
  17. University of Strathclyde
  18. University of Portsmouth
  19. University of Manchester
  20. Emlyon Business School
  21. Heriot-Watt University
  22. Robert Gordon University
  23. University of Nottingham
  24. Cranfield University

How much does the PTDF scholarship pay?

The award offers $30,000 to cover tuition fees, living stipends, and other necessary expenses, which may be spent on books, research journal subscriptions, and other requirements.

Is the PTDF scholarship wholly funded?

The Petroleum Technology Development Fund Overseas (Masters & Ph.D.) Scholarship Scheme 2023/2024 for study in Germany, France, Malaysia, and the UK (Fully Funded)

What happens at the PTDF scholarship interview?

Some of them might ask you technical questions about your specific field. The question is usually on concepts you were taught as an undergraduate or your final year project as an undergraduate. In contrast, others in the PTDF scholarship panel would ask questions from your statement of purpose.

Also, note the following:

  1. The scholarship is meant for the 2023/2024 academic session
  2. The scholarship is restricted to PTDF partner universities in The Petroleum Technology Development Fund partner schools
  3. Scholarships will only be issued to studies relevant to The Petroleum Technology Development Fund’s mandate; candidates may be ineligible or disqualified for applying for programs not related to the oil and gas industry
  4. The anticipated course of study should also be related to former studies
  5. Candidates with multiple or double applications will lead to disqualification

Application Deadline: 

The closing date for the application is Friday, March 24th, 2023


Candidates who effectively succeed through the first round of screening will be required to hand in their transcripts; all applicants are thus advised to prepare their transcripts for submission in expectation of such a request.