10 Best Indian Travel Agents Melbourne, Australia


This article will discuss the 10 best Indian travel agents in Melbourne, Australia. Indian travel agents in Melbourne are numerous that an individual can contact for travel bookings if they intend to make a business trip or vacation.

Indian Travel Agents Melbourne

Which Is India’s Largest Online Travel Company?

Different online travel agencies are operating in India that an individual can consider for usage. Currently, MakeMyTrip is the largest online travel company in India which has a considerable number of clients.

Do Travel Agents Help With Visas?

Yes, travel agents can assist you with a visa. A travel agent is responsible for handling several travel needs of clients. They can conveniently liaise with visa and passport processing services on your behalf.

Can I Apply For An Australian Visa Without an Agent?

Yes, you can apply for an Australian visa without an agent. Despite an agent being able to assist in the application process for a visa, you can still do it without them. But they are usually beneficial and provide detailed information on what the process requires.

Do Indian Travel Agents Exist In Melbourne?

Yes, Indian travel agents exist in Melbourne. An individual can research and get detailed information on the list of Indian travel agents offering travel services in Melbourne. INDIA UNBOUND is one of the best travel companies in Melbourne.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Travel Agent?

A travel agent is an individual that helps one with helpful information as regards travel. One can gain many advantages and benefits from considering a travel agent. Some benefits of using a travel agent include ease of planning for travel and access to affordable ticket prices.

What Is The Best Tour Company For India?

There are numerous tour companies for India that one can research and contact for relaxation and holiday purposes. Some of the best tour companies for India include Travel Talk and Yolo India Tours.

10 Best Indian Travel Agents Melbourne, Australia

Indian travel agents exist in Melbourne, Australia, so that one can consider them for traveling purposes. Below are the ten best Indian travel agents in Melbourne, Australia.

#1. Gaura Travel

Gaura Travel is one of the best Indian travel agents available in Melbourne for traveling needs. An individual can suitably consider this agency to get detailed travel information and make hotel reservations.

#2. Vibrant India Tours

Vibrant India Tours is a travel agent that seeks to offer the client access to exploring diverse cultures and traditions. They ensure their client’s traveling experience remains memorable while giving them different benefits.

#3. Desi Travel

Desi Travel is among the oldest and well trusted Indian travel agents in Melbourne, Australia. They are certified by IATA and provide clients with numerous travel-related services able to meet their respective demands.

#4. Aussizz Travels

Aussizz Travels is a good option when considering travel agents in Melbourne, Australia. This travel agency designs its tours explicitly to ensure its clients’ needs are fully covered.

#5. Buddha Travel & Tours Pty Ltd

Buddha Travel & Tours Pty Ltd is a reputable travel agent that puts customer’s need for quality and memorable travel experiences above all. They deliver local and international travel services to their clients.

#6. CBD Travels – Indian Travel Agents Melbourne

CBD Travels is a big name in Australia’s travel industry, with its service well-known and highly regarded. Individuals can suitably book their travels and various other services the agency provides.

#7. Gurkhas Travel

Gurkhas Travel is a travel agent in Melbourne which remains well-known for its affordable flight prices. Their website is always available for individuals looking for vital information and who want to book their travels online.

#8. Travel Ezy Melbourne

Travel Ezy Melbourne offers individuals access to several of its services, which include holiday deals, affordable airfares, and hotel bookings. It has been active for a long time and remains one of the best.

#9. Gupta Travels

Gupta Travels is a remarkable travel agency that offers various travel services to interested individuals looking to reach several destinations. Their travel packages are tailored to meet the customer’s demand.

#10. Beyond Vacations

Beyond Vacations is a Melbourne travel agency that suitably handles the needs of travel lovers and tourists in general. The agency has several qualified consultants able to handle one’s travel needs.


Melbourne has a large number of travel agents who are willing to aid individuals looking to travel. We hope this article provides enough information on the ten best Indian travel agents in Melbourne, Australia. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinion.