Top 10 Life Insurance Companies In New Zealand


The correct coverage can be difficult to choose, but buying life insurance companies in New Zealand can help safeguard your loved ones financially. There are several life insurance companies in New Zealand that range in cost and benefits.

We’ve produced a list of the best life insurance companies in New Zealand to get you started. Additionally, we’ve gathered details about various insurance providers, the procedure for obtaining life insurance quotes, and the free advice and tailored financial protection solutions that can be provided by an impartial financial advisor.

Look at offers from the leading life insurance companies in New Zealand to identify one that offers the end-of-life coverage you prefer.

Select only the most pertinent policies available without having to worry with searching through numerous websites and taking copious notes. By giving us your information, Coin Decimal will filter through your alternatives and help you locate the life insurance companies in New Zealand.

Life Insurance Companies In New Zealand

Top 10 Best Life Insurance Companies In New Zealand

1. Anz Life Insurance

ANZ offers accessible and convenient life insurance solutions that help you save time when applying for and filing a claim. These products feature customised insurance benefits and user-friendly online platforms. With a Life & Living Insurance Cover from ANZ, you can assist your family in meeting your financial commitments in the event that you go away or are diagnosed with a terminal sickness.

2. Westpac Life Insurance

Need protection in case a disability renders you unable to work or possibly a safety net for your family in the event of your demise? Today, try Westpac Life Insurance! When you join Westpac, you can find the coverage you need to take care of your final expenses, debt, mortgages, and other obligations your family will have to pay for!

3. Amp Life Insurance

Get a handy life insurance policy that fits your family’s requirements and financial situation! Join AMP Life Insurance to customize your life insurance policy to your preferences! When you register online, you can quickly and easily get a quote.

4. Momentum Life Insurance

Momentum Life Insurance is always ready to assist you in understanding their insurance coverage in a friendly, client-focused manner, having achieved a Platinum Award for superior customer service in 2020. With Momentum, you can obtain quality insurance at a reasonable price without having to wade through many pages of technical terms and industry jargon!

5. Pinnacle Life Insurance

Online insurance provider Pinnacle Life provides customers with practical and creative ideas to assist make the process simpler. If you decide to get a life insurance policy from Pinnacle Life, you can rely on their quick and simple transactions and reasonable rates.

6. AA Life Insurance

When creating all of their insurance products, including their life cover, AA takes into account the various insurance needs of people. They can then assist you in creating a solid financial safety net so that you can meet the demands of all of your dependents without having to increase your spending. Try out their life insurance plan today so you can use your time more effectively tomorrow!

7. BNZ Life Insurance

When you purchase a life insurance policy from BNZ, you may have confidence knowing that they have assisted Kiwis for over 150 years. Whatever your long-term objectives may be, BNZ Life Insurance can help you prepare for the unexpected and the inevitable while also assisting your family in managing the difficulties and associated costs.

8. Southern Cross Life Insurance

The largest health insurance in New Zealand, Southern Cross, with approximately 870,000 members across its extensive network. They contribute to the availability of a quick, private healthcare option that enables Kiwis to forego lengthy wait times and receive treatment right away.

They provide great end-of-life coverage with this, which enables them to play a significant role in the health industry in New Zealand. Because of this, they have been able to establish a solid reputation as one of, if not the greatest life insurance company in New Zealand.

9. Partners Life Insurance

Beginning as a small startup in 2011, Partners Life established excellent relationships with clients and business leaders, which helped them become one of the top life insurance providers in New Zealand. They make it simple for consumers to submit and receive claims, and because they are a 100% Kiwi-owned and -operated business, all of their revenues stay in New Zealand.

10. Cigna Life Insurance

More than 450,000 Kiwis in New Zealand have received insurance coverage from Cigna, earning it a reputation as one of the country’s leading insurance experts. Because of this, they are able to offer a variety of life insurance, funeral insurance, and income protection products, making sure that they have something for everyone wishing to provide a safety net for their family.


To separate the top New Zealand life insurance from the “don’t waste your time” options, I looked at some factors. The procedure for buying a life insurance policy is comparable to that of buying real estate. You are looking for something in both situations that will undoubtedly play a significant role in your life going forward.

It is vital to go out a comparable examination when you are thinking about various life insurance policy possibilities, much like how you would research and check a potential home before you buy. Consider the following suggestions to make sure any potential life insurance company is stable and likely to last the test of time.