Top 10 Life Insurance Companies In The Philippines 2023


In today life, many people see life insurance companies in the Philippines as liabilities rather than a source of money in the event of an unexpected accident or sudden death. However, as more people see the advantages of financially investing in one’s future, particularly during these difficult times, this mindset is shifting. 52% of the 104.9 million Filipinos in the country really have life insurance.

The list of greatest life insurance companies in the Philippines are included in this page if you’re interested in applying. Which of the many life insurance providers in the nation are the best, and which ones can you rely on?

Life Insurance Companies In The Philippines

List Of Top 10 Life Insurance Companies In The Philippines

The most recent ranking of the best life insurance companies in the Philippines is provided here. It’s crucial to investigate the financial stability of the life insurance company before obtaining investments or life insurance.

#1. Philippine Axa Life Insurance, Corp.

AXA Philippines was only founded in the Philippines in 1999, but because to its bancassurance operation, it has experienced tremendous development and market penetration. Another important detail is that it is a joint venture between Metrobank Group and AXA Group.


#2. Pru Life Insurance Corp. Of UK.

The Pru Life Insurance Corp. of the United Kingdom was established in 1848 and has offices worldwide, with its main location in London. They provide a vast array of retail financial services, including asset management, in Asia, with a significant presence in the Philippines. They collaborate with many banking institutions and provide various services in addition to life insurance products, such as health and protection.

#3. Sun Life Of Canada (Philippines) Inc.

The first and oldest life insurance business in the Philippines is Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), which was formally established in 1895. Unquestionably, Sun Life is the preferred provider of life insurance in most households due to its track record of keeping its promises to customers. It seems to reason that it is still the best life insurance provider in the nation.

#4. FWD Life Insurance Corporation

One of the Philippines’ most rapidly expanding insurance companies is FWD Life Insurance Corporation, better known as FWD Insurance or FWD Life. It was established in 2014 and currently ranks first among all life insurance providers in the nation for paid-up capital.

FWD Insurance offers many different life insurance and health insurance plans, as well as life insurance with investment packages.

#5.  Manulife Philippines

A financial institution with a focus on pension and education, investment, medical, employee security, corporate, student personal accident, credit life, and other insurance policies is The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company Philippines, Inc., or Manulife as it is more commonly known here.

#6. AIA Philippines American Life And General Ins. Co., Inc.

The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company, Inc. is an expert in life insurance and investment products, such as protection, health and accident, savings, education, investment plans, wellness initiatives, and monetary strategies.

#7. BDO Life Assce. Co., Lnc.

The business was once known as Generali Pilipinas Holding Co. Inc., but BDO Unibank Inc. purchased it in 2016 and it is now a division of BDO Unibank, Inc. They provide a wide range of financial and investment services, including insurance, health, education, and other services relating to money.

#8. Allianz Pnb Life Insurance, Inc.

This is the first time Allianz PNB Life has made this list in the top 10 in our three years of compiling (and frequently revising).

In 2001, the Allianz Group began offering variable life insurance products in the Philippines in collaboration with the Philippine National Bank. Allianz, which has its original headquarters in Germany, is a well-known brand in the financial services industry with 90 million retail and business clients spread across 70 nations.

#9. United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation

Life insurance underwriting is UCPB Life Assurance Corp’s area of expertise. Additionally, they provide services for mutual fund, non-life, and non-healthcare products, including protection, education, pension/retirement, and memorial insurance plans.

#10. Insular Life Assurance Company, Ltd.

For Filipinos, Insular Life Assurance Company, Ltd. offers investment plans, accident, health, and disability insurance, as well as plans for saving for education and retirement.

They also provide retirement plans, health insurance, and group protection services. They have close ties to the 2,868 hospitals, clinics, and outpatient facilities throughout the nation.


A sort of insurance known as life insurance pays out to your beneficiaries in the event of your passing. In return for premium payments, the business will promise payment to your beneficiaries (the persons you choose to receive the compensation from) (payments you need to make). The payment your beneficiaries will get is called a “death benefit.”