10 Best Nepali Travel Agency In Dubai


This article will discuss the 10 best Nepali travel agencies in Dubai. Dubai is a great place to have access to multiple travel agencies for convenient travel arrangements. Nepali travel agencies are many that travelers can access and order for bookings in Dubai.

Nepali Travel Agency In Dubai

Which Travel Agency Is Good For Dubai?

Many travel agencies are known to offer the best of services to clients. The best travel agency for Dubai is Dnata Travels which is heavily regarded as one of the best leisure destinations.

Is Dubai Open For Visit Visa From Nepali?

Yes, Dubai is open for visits from Nepali. But it is hugely important to possess a UAE tourist visa because you’re a Nepalese citizen. One must have a valid passport and documents which is 6 months old from their due date.

How Many Hours Is Nepal To Dubai?

An individual can travel from Nepal to Dubai through different traveling agencies available. For this trip, a specific number of hours would be spent before one reaches the scheduled destination. It takes about 5 hours to fly from Nepal to Dubai.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Travel In Dubai?

In Dubai, there are different ways by which one can travel within the city. The cheapest way to travel in Dubai is by Metro. An individual is advised not to purchase single tickets but rather obtain an NOL card at the counter.

Can A Nepali Citizen Travel To Dubai?

Yes, a Nepali citizen can certainly travel to Dubai. There is no restriction as to one traveling between Nepali and Dubai. But it is essential to have a tourist visa before looking to travel from Nepali to Dubai.

What Are The Best Travel Agency In Dubai?

Dubai much like various other countries in the world has many travel agency that offers travel services. Some of the best travel agencies in Dubai include Regal Dubai Travel Agency, Pluto Travels LLC Dubai, and Arooha Tours and Travel Bar Dubai amongst others.

Can I Fly To Dubai From Nepali?

Yes, you can fly to Dubai from Nepali. Many airlines specifically focus on providing travel-related services to clients. One can book a flight from Nepali to Dubai comfortably by considering various airlines.

What Is The Best Time To Travel To Nepali?

The best time to travel to Nepali is between October and December. During this period, the skies are blue and so amazing and offer a good spectacular view to tourists.

Does Emirates Fly To Nepali?

Yes, Emirates flies to Nepali. The airline company has a large network across the world to offer travel services to clients. An individual can conveniently book Emirates flights from Dubai to Kathmandu.

10 Best Nepali Travel Agency In Dubai

Nepali travel agencies exist in Dubai which interested travelers can consider. Below is the 10 best Nepali travel agency in Dubai.

#1. Shakti Travels And Tours

Shakti Travels And Tours is one of the Nepali travel agencies in Dubai that mainly offers travel services. It allows tourists to travel to Nepali while exploring the various beautiful cities at an affordable price.

#2. Namaste Travel And Tourism LLC

Namaste Travel And Tourism LLC are registered and operating in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The travel service provider offers clients access to some of its services including air tickets, city buses, and books amongst others.

#3. Kathmandu Travel And Toursim LLC

Kathmandu Travel And Tourism LLC is a government-owned travel agency that is active under the rules of the UAE government. If you intend to travel to Nepali, this agency seems to be among the best to consider.

#4.  Regal Dubai Travel Agency

Regal Dubai Travel Agency is one of the travel agencies in Dubai that provides quality travel services. Clients are sure to plan for their travels with ease and can save due to affordable ticket prices.

#5. Arooha Tours And Travel Bur Dubai

Arooha Tours And Travel Bur Dubai is a Dubai-owned and managed travel agency that is open for all travel needs. Some of the services they provide include tours, holiday packages, and visa services.

#6. AL Falahely Travels LLC

AL Falahely Travels LLC is a great option for conducting travel arrangements from Dubai to Nepali. This agency remains active and offers some travel-related services including tour packages, business travel, and 24/7 customer support.

#7. Ultravel Travel Agency

Ultravel Travel Agency is an excellent business travel agency in Dubai. The travel agency focuses on offering the best quality travel experience for business persons traveling in and out of Dubai.

#8. FlyEast Nepal Travel Agency

FlyEast Nepal Travel Agency is a top-notch and well-recognized Nepali travel agency in Dubai. Its services are mainly targeted at handling the traveling needs of clients looking to travel and explore several places.

#9. Pokhara Travel And Tourism LLC

Pokhara Travel And Tourism LLC is among the Nepali travel agency to offer clients an attractive and satisfying travel experience. Known as one of the best, it offers travel services including air tickets, hotel booking, and visas.

#10. Al Tayer Travel Agency LLC

Al Tayer Travel Agency LLC is a good travel agency in Dubai that individual travelers can consider. It is ideal for several travel-related services such as airport transportation and various tours.


Nepali travel agencies are available in Dubai which individuals looking to travel can consider. One would need to research these agencies while reaching out to their helpdesk for more information. We hope this article provides enough information on the 10 best Nepali travel agencies in Dubai. Kindly visit our comments section for your views and opinions.