10 Best Nepali Travel Agency In Sydney


This article will discuss the 10 best Nepali travel agencies in Sydney. There are many Nepali travel agencies in Sydney that interested individuals looking to travel can suitably consider. One can obtain diverse information and also make travel plans through these agencies.

Best Nepali Travel Agency In Sydney

What Is The Best Tour Company For Australia?

In Australia, numerous tour companies offer the best travel services and advice. Some of the best tour companies in Australia include Tour Dragon, GYG Tours Australia, Oz Tours, and Red Centre Way.

What Is The Most Popular Travel Agency?

Travel agencies are numerous, which an individual can consider for booking travels to diverse locations. The most popular travel agency is, which offers clients the best travel-related services.

Is It Cheaper To Book Through A Travel Agency?

Yes, it is cheap to book travel through a travel agent. These travel agents help to provide the most affordable prices for bookings to different destinations. It’s one of the cheapest ways to book a specific trip.

Do You Pay A Travel Agent Up Front?

Yes, you can pay upfront to a travel agent. Once you intend to travel and looking to use a travel agent service, you can considerably put down a deposit. You can reserve a spot without needing to make full payment.

How Many Nepali Travel Agencies Are In Sydney?

There’s no exact number of travel agencies in Sydney that provides travel-related services. Currently, many Nepali travel agencies are available to residents in Sydney for travel purposes.

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Who Is A Professional Travel Agent?

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What Questions Should I Ask A Travel Agent?

Before deciding to consider a travel agent to plan or arrange for ticket booking, you need to ask some questions. Some of the questions you should ask include their area of specialization, travel history, and experience in booking travel.

Are Travel Agents Reliable?

Yes, travel agents are reliable. If you intend to carry out a complex or a rather expensive trip, you can considerably utilize travel agents as they are among the best. Also, they have access to diverse deals and can reduce air ticket pricesc.

What Are The Cheapest Flight Companies In Australia?

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10 Best Nepali Travel Agency In Sydney

There are travel agencies in Sydney known to offer clients the best services to handle their respective needs. Below are the 10 best Nepali travel agencies in Sydney.

#1. Travel Adventure Nepali Pty Ltd

Travel Adventure Nepal Pty Ltd is one of the best Nepali travel agencies in Sydney. Through this agency, one can arrange for travel to diverse destinations with easy access to numerous travel services.

#2. Kathmandu Travels And Tours

Kathmandu Travel And Tours is among the hugely considered travel agency in Sydney for travels to Nepali. Their services benefit individuals considering traveling to Nepali, Bhutan, and Tibet.

#3. Star Tours And Travel

Star Tours And Travel is a great Nepali travel agency in Sydney that one can utilize for bookings and other travel-related services. An individual can visit their official website to obtain more information on travels arrangement.

#4. Hop Nepal

Hop Nepal is a travel agency that specializes in offering travel services to clients. They suitably offer ease of booking and also provide the best and most affordable prices to individuals looking to travel.

#5. Buddha Travel And Tours Pty Ltd

Buddha Travel And Tours Pty Ltd are one of the top Nepali travel agencies in Sydney which offer the best travel-related services. It allows for booking cheap flights with no hidden charges as you could save on your travels.

#6. Everest View Travels

Everest View Travels is among the best travel options for destinations from Australia to Nepali. This travel agency helps clients to get the most available flights at affordable prices to pay for them.

#7. Yeti Travels

Yeti Travels is a travel agency known to provide easy access to some travel-related services. It remains among the best to offer diverse services including hotel reservations, holiday packages, and car hire.

#8. Pricebeat Travels

Pricebeat Travels is an excellent travel agency that is quite easy to use when it comes to travel arrangements. It offers the best prices, 24/7 customer care service, and agent assistance able to handle client’s needs.

#9. Shangrila Travels

Shangrila Travels is an Australian-based travel service provider which has remained active for many years. Some of the services it offers include cultural tours, tours search, jungle, and whitewater rafting.

#10. Peterson Travel Pty Ltd

Peterson Travel Pty Ltd is a Nepali travel agency that mainly offers flights, travel insurance, and holiday packages, amongst others. There are currently among the leading travel and tour operators working in the country.


There are many Nepali travel agencies in Sydney that one can consider for travel purposes. An individual considers either of the above-discussed agencies as they is among the best now. We hope this article provides enough information on the 10 best Nepali travel agencies in Sydney. Kindly visit our comments section for your views and opinions.