New American University Scholarship


The New American University Scholarship aims to support numerous undergraduate students who are more academically capable than ever in their pursuit of higher education.

The new American University Scholarship program offers qualified students a financial award, an environment that prioritizes information, learning, and study, as well as resources for comprehending and assisting in the resolution of society’s most serious problems.

The New American University Scholarship (International) 2023 is available to students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in any of the university’s subject areas. Applying for this scholarship is possible. The application submission deadline is Deadline varies. The value of this scholarship, which is offered by Arizona State University (ASU), is Partial Funding, fluctuates. This scholarship is available to: All nationalities, excluding the United States.

New American University Scholarship

Eligibility, conditions, and standards

  1. ASU is committed to assisting more academically qualified students than ever to graduate.
  2. This scholarship offers qualified students a financial award, a setting that prioritizes knowledge, learning, and research and resources for comprehending and addressing society’s most important problems.
  3. To be eligible for this scholarship grant, all students must have submitted their FAFSA applications in full.
  4. For the application process, applicants must submit a $70 application fee.
  5. Students are required to submit their most recent official transcript as well as their updated ACT/SAT score reports.

How to Apply for New University Scholarships in America

Once a student has been admitted to ASU, ASU evaluates them for merit-based scholarships. Submit an undergraduate entrance application and concurrent materials if you haven’t already done so to ASU (official transcripts, test scores, and application fee). Remember that each scholarship has a distinct priority date.

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Deadline for New American University Scholarships

The applications must be filed by January 15th, 2024, at the latest. The application and all required application forms should be submitted by the deadline for students to be considered. The Arizona State University website is now accepting applications and other information about the scholarship programs and campus facilities.


The New American University Scholarship is a great way to help pay for college. The scholarship is open to all students, regardless of their financial situation. The scholarship is also renewable, so you can continue to receive the award for as long as you remain enrolled in college.