Top 10 No Essay Scholarships To Apply For In 2023


Discussing No Essay Scholarships is next. It’s likely that you have experienced some level of fatigue, frustration, or outright annoyance when writing all of those essays, regardless of how long you have been applying for scholarships or how fresh you are to the process. I know that it can be difficult to find financial aid.

Mixing up the types of scholarships you’re applying for is a wise move when applying for No Essay Scholarships. What does this mean, though, in reality?

Well, if you’re aware with the world of scholarships, you’ve undoubtedly already learned that there are numerous No Essay Scholarships available in a variety of forms.

Be sure to submit those quick applications and cross your fingers while you start working on some of those other more time-consuming chances since the majority of these no essay scholarships are open to senior school, college, and graduate school students.

No Essay Scholarships

How To Get A No Essay Scholarship

  • Apply Frequently.

Numerous of these scholarships have ongoing monthly or quarterly cycles.

To increase your chances of winning, set a reminder for yourself to check back on these scholarships each month and submit a new application.

  • Learn How To Gain An Advantage.

Scholarships that don’t require essays but do require something extra (like an art or video submission) will usually give you an advantage because they require more than just a little luck.

  • Scholarships With No Essays Are Only One Component Of The Puzzle.

Because they are so simple to apply for, scholarships without essays should be a major part of your scholarship application strategy.

List Of The 10 Best No Essay Scholarships

#1. Be Bold Scholarship

The recipient of the Be Bold” Scholarship, a scholarship with no essay requirements, will be the candidate with the most daring profile. Boldest does not necessarily indicate “best” or “most accomplished” to us being courageous entails being sincere.

#2. Christian Connector Scholarship

International and domestic students who want to attend a Christian university can apply for this award. Within 16 months after learning that he or she has won the drawing, the student must enroll full-time at a Christian college.

#3. Direct Textbook Photo Essay Scholarship

grants of $500. Random selection of photos from among all qualified entries. Send in an original photo that perfectly expresses what the theme “Shine” means to you.

The applicant must have completed high school with a GPA of 2.0 or above, be a legal resident of the United States, be enrolled for the winter or spring semesters at an authorized two- or four-year college or university, and not be a current inmate.

#4. Niche No Essay Scholarship

This is as simple as scholarships can get. You could be the next winner if you only fill out the application (click “Apply Online”). NoGPA, no essay—apply in just a few minutes! Apply each month to offer yourself the best chance of winning since the scholarship is given out on a regular basis.

#5. Lounge Lizard Web Design Scholarship

Only students attending schools in the US are eligible to apply for the Lounge Lizard Web Design Scholarship. The applicant must be enrolled in, or accepted to begin studies at, an accredited institution within six months of application.

#6. Create A Greeting Card Scholarship

The front of the agreement card must be an original photograph, piece of artwork, or computer design submitted by the student. JPEG (.jpg) files of original works of art, photographs, or computer graphics can be uploaded online using the entry page. Original artwork may be supplied by being digitally photographed or scanned.

#7. ULoop Dorm Survey Scholarship

This grant is available to enrolled U.S. college students who have previously resided in an on-campus residence hall.

#8. Frame My Future Scholarship

Participants are required to produce an original work that expresses their goals for their post-college personal and professional lives. Photographic, ink, collage, painting, mixed-media, and graphic design submissions are all acceptable.

#9. National “Don’t Wait to Reach Your Potential” Scholarship

In grades 9 through 12, college-bound teenagers are eligible for this scholarship. Specific exam results, GPAs, or class standing are not necessary for the scholarship. Although they must choose a student to receive the award, parents can also enrol. At the time of the drawing, you must still be a subscriber to C2C eNews in order to be eligible for the scholarship.

#10. BigFuture Scholarships (class of 2023 only!)

Your background, accomplishments, and future ambitions will be used by BigFuture to connect you with the right scholarships. Explore the BigFuture Scholarship Search to gain entries into monthly drawings for $500 and $40,000 in scholarships for the class of 2023.


No essay scholarships are designed to be more like competitions or raffles. Typically, all you need to do to be taken into consideration is fill out an application page. In comparison, other scholarships that need more work and time are less labor-intensive.

No essay scholarships are as legitimate as other scholarships even though they don’t have as stringent of eligibility and application requirements. Given the volume of students that apply for these chances, no essay scholarships can occasionally be just as competitive as full-ride scholarships.