Top Travel Agencies In Singapore


This article will discuss the top in travel agencies in Singapore. Travel agencies are numerous which an individual can consider in Singapore. These travel agencies allow for bookings and ensure clients can reach their respective destinations.

 Travel Agencies In Singapore

List Of Top Earning Travel Companies

Several travel companies are regarded as top earners when it comes to travel-related business. Below is a list of top-earning travel companies in the world which are famously known and considered.

#1. Expedia Group

Expedia Group is an American online travel company that offers travel services to consumers and small business individuals. It remains one of the most famous and highly earned among various travel companies in the world.

#2. American Express

American Express is a multinational financial service company that mainly focuses on payment cards. In addition to this, the company also offers access to travel planning and arrangement for clients looking to travel.

#3. Booking Holdings

Booking Holdings is another big company when it comes to offering travel access to various clients around the world. It specializes in offering a wide range of leisure-based travel services such as air, cruises, car rentals, and hotels.

How Many Travel Agents Are There In Singapore?

In Singapore, travel agents work tirelessly to ensure clients enjoy their travels. There are over 900+ travel agents that are currently registered with the Singapore Tourism Board.

Is Booking Through A Travel Agency Cheaper?

Sometimes booking travel through a travel agency could be beneficial. But sometimes it could be expensive for even short distances. You would need to remain in contact with the agent to obtain a good deal for trips.
Yes, booking directly with an airline is better than using a travel agent. Booking directlywith an airline could be beneficial given the easy access to a refund of fees in the situation of price change for tickets.

Which Country Is Number 1 In Tourism?

Tourism is an aspect of an economy known to generate a lot of revenue for major countries worldwide. The country which is highly rated for its contributions through tourism is France which has a constant and increasing number of tourists.

Which Travel Site Has Best Prices?

When it comes to travelers, there are many sites one can consider to book or get related information. Some of the travel sites with the best prices include Momondo, Expedia, Skyscanner, and Hotwire amongst others.

Do You Pay A Travel Agent Up Front?

Yes, you can pay a travel agent upfront. But it does not necessarily mean that you must pay completely as you mainly need to claim an early spot. This is a major benefit of considering a travel agent as booking online requires full payment rather than upfront.

Top In Travel Agencies In Singapore

Many travel agencies in Singapore are highly rated and regarded. Below is a list of the top in travel agencies in Singapore.

#1. Chan Brothers Travel Agency

Chan Brothers are one of the top travel agencies in Singapore with over 50 years of experience in travel services. An individual can consider this travel agency for suitable travel deals and holiday purposes.

#2. SA Tours

SA Tours is a great option for travel arrangements in Singapore; the agency provides quality travel services to clients. One can conveniently contact them through their official website for travels arrangement.

#3. Dynasty Travel

Dynasty Travel is an online based travel agency in Singapore that offers diverse services related to travel. One can access their services including day excursions, bus tours, and sightseeing tours for interested individuals looking to travel.

#4. American Lloyd

American Lloyd is one of Singapore’s best and oldest travel agencies that has remained active since 1933. The company specializes in offering access to flight tickets and arranging for leisure travel.

#5. New Shan Travel

New Shan Travel is an excellent travel agency that offers a great holiday package for one to enjoy. The agency offers clients access to multiple deals and offers ease of booking for travel through their online-based platform.

#6. CTC Travel

Motivated by the needs of Singaporeans to travel is Commonwealth Travel Service (CTC) which is a top travel agency. One can make travel arrangements to different destinations worldwide through this travel agent.

#7. Hong Thai Travel

Hong Thai Travel is a Singapore-based travel agency that offers diverse packages for clients. It is among the top travel agencies specialising mainly in allowing individuals to book their respective travels.

#8. Fay Yaz Travels

Fay Yaz Travels is one of the travel agencies that majorly focuses on providing the best travel-related services to clients. One can also access other services such as visa, car rentals, and luxury travel.

#9. Global Travel Pte Ltd

Global Travel Pte Ltd is among the highly ranked and hugely trusted top Singapore independent traveling agencies. Their services are among the best and individuals can consider it for the best travel planning and flight arrangements.

#10. WTS Travel

With over 30+ years of travel experience, WTS Travel is among the best to offer travel services to customers. The company has numerous personnel available to handle one’s needs regarding holidays and travel.


There are many top travel agencies in Singapore that one can consider for the best travel experiences and services. An individual can consider either of the above-mentioned agencies as they are among the best. We hope this article provides enough information on top in travel agencies in Singapore. Kindly visit our comments section for your views and opinion.