10 Best Travel Agency In Sydney, Australia


This article will discuss the 10 best travel agencies in Sydney, Australia. There are multiple travel agencies in Sydney that an individual looking to book travel can consider. One would need to make inquiries and gain information on what to do.

Travel Agency In Sydney

What Is The Most Famous Travel Agency?

Travel agencies are numerous that specialize mainly in offering travel services to clients. Some are famously compared to others due to their earnings and number of employees. The most famous travel agency include Expedia Group, Booking Holdings, and American Express Global Business Travel.

How Do I Find A Good Travel Agent In Australia?

Getting a good travel agent is quite difficult but there are some things you can consider. Some of the things one could consider to find a good travel agent include accreditation, level of transparency, and customer service provided.

What Are The Largest Travel Agencies In The World?

Many travel agencies worldwide focus on providing clients the best services. Many of these agencies over the years have made a name for themselves in the travel industry. Some of the largest travel agencies in the world include Expedia Group, CWT, Booking Holdings, and BCD Travel amongst others.

How Often Do Australians Use Travel Agents?

Travel agents make booking travel faster and more convenient at a specific period. Australians are known to usually use travel agents with statistics of over 70% in 2018 and 2019.

What Is The Most Popular Way To Travel In Australia?

Residents and visitors can utilize several means of transportation in Australia. The most popular way to travel in Australia is by flying. Their fees range between $90 to $275 for travel purposes.

Is It Best To Hire A Travel Agent?

Yes, it’s good to hire a travel agent. They are known to come with several benefits including that they are better connected, they can beat any price, they have access to more information, and also have access to several benefits.

what Makes Travel Agent Unique Compared To Booking Online

Travel agents usually come with some differences compared to booking online for travel. These travel agents can assist one to get exclusive fares, provide expert advice, and assist to plan and coordinate travel.

How Does A Travel Agent Work?

A travel agent specifically assists clients in making travel arrangements. They access customers needs and ensure their travel goes smoothly.

Can Travel Agents Book Visa Appointments?

Yes, travel agents can assist an individual to book visa appointments. Given that they have vital information and are better connected, they could be a better option for visa appointments.

10 Best Travel Agency In Sydney, Australia

Several travel agencies in Sydney, Australia offer quality services to clients. Below are the 10 best travel agencies in Sydney, Australia.

#1. Happy Travels Sydney

Happy Travels Sydney is an independently owned and managed travel agency that operates mainly in Australia. It’s an ideal option for individuals looking to exploit several destinations around the world.

#2. Express Flights Pty Ltd

Express Flights Pty Ltd provides one of the most affordable airfares for individuals looking to travel to diverse locations. One can contact the agency for travel arrangements for themselves and their families.

#3. Planet Blue Travel

Planet Blue Travel is a subsidiary of Helloworld, a hugely recognized travel company based in Australia. It’s a good travel agency in Sydney that provides access to arrange travel or purchase flight tickets.

#4. Peterpans Adventure Travel

Peterpans Adventure Travel is one of the best travel agencies in Australia that specifically provides adventure services. They have the most enjoyable services for clients who intend to rest and have a good time.


#5. Flight Centre

Flight Centre is an excellent travel agency that offers diverse travel services such as cruises and tours. The agency has 24/7 customer care services which an individual can contact for bookings and other travel-related services.

#6. Celtic Travel Services

Celtic Travel Services is a full-time travel service provider which is based in Central Sydney, Australia. Individuals looking to get the best travel services can consider this specific agency to get diverse benefits.

#7. Boutique Travel Services

Boutique Travel Services is a travel agent that partners with Helloworld Travel and American Express. The company majorly provides flights, and hotel accommodations and accepts payment by visa and master card while issuing travel insurance.

#8. Pricebeat Travel

Pricebeat Travel is an Australian-based travel agency with the best prices for vacations and travel. Some of the services one can conveniently enjoy include air tickets, travel insurance, and access to diverse holiday packages.

#9. Eclipse Travel

Eclipse Travel is an active travel agency in Sydney, Australia, providing numerous travel-related services. The agency specializes in offering holiday services and cruises to Antarctica and the Arctic.

#10. Travel World Sydney

Travel World Sydney is a top travel agency providing specialized travel planning advice. The agency which operates in Sydney offers cheap flights to domestic and international locations, including cruises and holiday packages.


Travel agencies are many in Sydney, Australia that individuals can consider for their travels. One would need to contact either of these travel agencies through their contact lines or website to get more information on the services provided. We hope this article provides enough information on Sydney, Australia’s 10 best travel agencies. Kindly visit our comments section for your views and opinion.