10 Best Travel Agents Melbourne Australia


This article will discuss the 10 best travel agents in Melbourne, Australia. There are numerous travel agents in Melbourne that one can conveniently consider for travels within and outside the country. These agents assist one with making bookings for travels to several destinations quickly.

Travel Agents Melbourne

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Travel Agent?

Using a travel agent for your travel purposes is a better and more convenient way to book travel to several locations. Some benefits of using a travel agent include access to complete services offered, access to better and affordable traveling prices, and customized forms of travel.

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How Much Commission Do Travel Agents Make In Australia?

Travel agents worldwide are known to benefit from some commission related to their services provided. Travel agents enjoy between 20% to 30% on average commission for services provided.

How Do You Negotiate With A Travel Agent?

Negotiating with a travel agent is not necessarily an issue since you want to book travel. You must establish a good working relationship with them while asking relevant questions related to your travels. Through their aid, you can comfortably arrange for your traveling to diverse destinations around the world.

Who Is The Biggest Online Retailer In Australia?

Australia has a long list of online-based retailers who offer individuals access to making purchases. The biggest online retailer in Australia is, which as at 2021, had net sales of over $3,874,000.

What Is The Most Popular Way To Travel In Australia?

In Australia, numerous means of traveling involves the movement of people and goods. The most popular way to travel in Australia is by flight. It is considered to be the best way to reach several distances in a bit of time.

Is Australia Accepting Foreign Visitors?

Yes, Australia is still accepting foreign visitors into their country. But one must have evidence of being vaccinated against Covid. Since the pandemic, the government has mandated the provision of this vaccination certificate before entry.

How Many Travel Agencies Are There In Australia?

Australia has over 900+ accredited travel agencies operating at the moment.

Who Pays When You Use A Travel Agent?

A travel agent is responsible for booking a client’s travel to their destination. They are credited with some service commission, but the vendors mostly pay this.

10 Best Travel Agents Melbourne Australia

Numerous travel agents in Melbourne, Australia, assist one with handling their traveling needs. Below are the ten best travel agents in Melbourne, Australia.

#1. Emma Whiting Travel

Emma Whiting Travel is one of the best travel agents in Melbourne, Australia. Comprising experienced travel designers, the agency helps arrange travel to meet client’s respective demands.

#2. Happy Travels Melbourne

Happy Travels Melbourne is a top and well-known independent travel agency with several locations in Australia. The agency suitably provides a large number of tours, accommodations, and different options for transportation.

#3. CBD Travels

CBD Travels is an excellent travel management agency that aims to handle one’s travel needs diligently. With their team of experienced individuals, they ensure travel is customized to meet one’s needs.

#4. Travman Tours

Travman Tours is one of the oldest travel agencies in Melbourne, which has gained massive recognition. Their primary focus is personal service, and they are among the best choices for tours and travels.

#5. Friends Travel

Serving in the heart of Melbourne city is Friends Travel which has been providing travel services since 2008. This agency has a team of personnel that handles one’s needs ranging from flight bookings, leisure trips, and travel insurance.

#6. Buddha Travel And Tours

Buddha Travel and Tours is one of the best travel in Melbourne to deliver clients to their respective destinations. The agency delivers flights (local and international ), adventure tours, and several holiday packages.

#7. Sahara Travels

Sahara Travels is a traveling agency in Melbourne that offers individuals affordable International flights and holiday deals. One can suitably consider this agent to get access to several travel-related benefits.

#8. Helloworld Travel

Helloworld Travel is one of Australia’s largest travel agencies with numerous agents. An individual is guaranteed access to their services, including hotels and holiday packages, visa and travel advice, and travel insurance.

#9. Alma Travel Centre

Established in 1994, Alma Travel Center is a renowned and fully accredited travel agency in Australia. They mainly specialize in offering travel bookings to different locations while providing various other services.

#10. Backpackers World Travel

Backpackers World Travel is a top travel advice company with several foreign travel specialists. They ensure that client’s holiday and travel experiences are conducive, given a large no of well-trained staff.


Travel agents are increasingly helpful when it comes to booking for travel to various places. One can consider either of the travel agents mentioned above as they are among the best. We hope this article provides enough information on Melbourne, Australia’s 10 best travel agents. Kindly visit our comment section for your views and opinion.